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Jul 12

London Olympics 2012!

London Olympics 2012 London Olympics!  What an amazing vibe and energy! I was so lucky to have been sent to London on a mission to suss out what was going on at the actually olympic site (which looks like some kind of land from out of space) and meet our very own Channel 10 European […]

May 27

Lola’s Mates: Gennaro Contaldo

[nggallery id=2] Lola’s Mates: Gennaro Contaldo Watch the video Picture your hero and then imagine meeting them. What would you say? I’m over the moon because I had the chance to meet one of my all time heroes, Gennaro Contaldo. I first watched Gennaro on the Jamie Oliver series “Jamie at Home” when they went […]

Apr 29

Healthy Cuisines

We all like to eat out, but some cuisines are healthier than others. So here’s the list of goodies when it comes to all the foodie options! On this same note, my clients always say they always put weight on when they travel. It’s actually easy to eat healthy for any cuisine type; it’s just […]

Mar 26


A Healthy Breakfast! Watch Lola talk about Breakfast on Network Ten’s The Circle 1. Why is brekkie so important? It kick starts our whole body, our metabolism, it’s important for moods and brain health If you start the day with no brekkie or just a pice of toast with jam you’re not setting yourself up […]

Mar 3

Acid and Alkaline Foods

Acid & Alkaline Foods Heartburn, bloating, insomnia? It could be that you have too acidic a diet. Types of Alkaline foods: • all fruit • all veggies • nuts and seeds Types of Acid foods: • grains • meats • dairy • refined sugars (packet foods, junk) Acid/ Alkaline in our body Your body is actually alkaline by design, but acidic by […]

Aug 15

Unjumbling Health!

Difference between organic and bio-dynamic? – Organically grown foods go by the basic principle of organic farming which is to make great food, that not only tastes great but retains nutrients. – They do this without using artificial fertilizers, synthetic chemicals, hormones, genetically modified foods or growth promoters. – Bio-dynamic foods are a “hippier” version […]

Jan 31

FebFast Here We Come!

FebFast   What is it? FebFast is the perfect opportunity in the month of February to lose weight, feel great and raise money for alcohol and drug related issues. Either do a once off donation or join the Lola Berry team and give up alcohol for the month of Feb! Don’t worry, you can purchase […]

Sep 22

Surprising Cures for PMS!

PMS: What is it? PMS = Premenstrual syndrome and refers to symptoms females feel during their menstrual cycle. These can be physical, physiological and emotional. The great news is there are some super effective natural options out there to help! Our aim is to not necessarily take painkillers but get that body back into balance! […]