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Jul 29

3AW Olympics

Listen to Lola chat about what you’ll need to help you through surviving watching the Olympics, what regiment the athletes will be up to and more!

Jan 10

Can Food Change Your Mood?

Mood Foods Listen to Lola Berry talk about Mood Foods on 3AW’s The Weekend Break Part 1 – Mood Foods (3AW) Part 2 – Mood Foods (3AW)

Nov 5

Where’s Your Biophelia?

BIOPHILIA Biophilia (bi-o-phil-i-a): This refers to the healing power of nature. It’s so easy to get caught up in the stress of our hectic and busy lives. Nature can be the perfect solution: if you’re feeling a bit tense, stressed, tried, anxious, unhappy or all of the above, then get out in nature, see vegetation, […]