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Jun 13

Zucchini Fritters with Mint & Goat’s Yoghurt Dip

Zucchini fritters with lime and lemon, mint and goat’s yoghurt dip My zucchini fritters were inspired by this Moroccan restaurant I went to years ago, I loved the recipe but it never agreed with my stomach. You shouldn’t stop eating the food you love. Here’s my adaptation; I’m keeping my tastebuds and my tummy happy […]

Jan 2

Superfood Salad

Full recipe below and in Lola’s Australian Diet Book Best Seller “The 20/20 Diet”: Free recipe email newsletter: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: yummololaberry SUPERFOOD SALAD: This clean, healthy salad is bursting with flavour and nutritional superpowers! Dulse flakes are a seaweed product you can get from any Asian grocer or health food […]