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Jan 3

Summer Fruits

Summer Fruits Watch Lola talk about Summer Fruits on Channel Ten’s The Circle. Lola explains on 3AW Afternoons what health properties differentiate for summer fruits and why we need to include them in our diets at this time of year! Plus, all the goodies that are contained in them. Audio clip to come… – berries: […]

Dec 27

Shredding Post-Xmas Kilos!

Shredding Post-Xmas Kilos! 1. Pull high allergen foods out of the diet: – dairy – wheat – sugar These are the most common things people react to and they cause fluid retention. When we pull these guys out you’ll drop that extra weight! 2. Water, water, water! – will help stimulate organs of elimination – […]

Dec 20

3AW – Aussie Superfoods!

Lola had a chat with John Blackman on 3AW Afternoons… check out to see what Aussie Superfoods make the list!