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Mar 29

Summertime Berry Picking

  Summertime Berry Picking Every year it’s a bit of a tradition to go Berry picking in my family. Over the years we’ve always teamed up with another family, “The Smith’s” and in this video you’ll see Mills – she’s from the “Smith Family” – and we’ve been berry picking every Chrissy together since I […]

Dec 27

Shredding Post-Xmas Kilos!

Shredding Post-Xmas Kilos! 1. Pull high allergen foods out of the diet: – dairy – wheat – sugar These are the most common things people react to and they cause fluid retention. When we pull these guys out you’ll drop that extra weight! 2. Water, water, water! – will help stimulate organs of elimination – […]

Nov 23

Choc Fudge Balls for Xmas

Watch Lola make her famous choc fudge balls with a touch of Christmas – just around the corner! Read Lola’s recipe in the paper: