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Mar 3

Acid and Alkaline Foods

Acid & Alkaline Foods Heartburn, bloating, insomnia? It could be that you have too acidic a diet. Types of Alkaline foods: • all fruit • all veggies • nuts and seeds Types of Acid foods: • grains • meats • dairy • refined sugars (packet foods, junk) Acid/ Alkaline in our body Your body is actually alkaline by design, but acidic by […]

Feb 23

Alkalize Me

Alkalize Me When I talk about acid/alkaline, I’m talking about pH balancing, now we always want to be slightly alkaline to maintain health. Things that make us acidic are feral foods, stress, phones, computers, lack of sleep, pollution…. We need to balance the acid things out with alkaline things like this ripper juice! A great […]