nov 31

Mum’s Quinoa Salad


Mum’s Quinoa Salad

It seems like it was just last week that we were celebrating Chrissy and now it’s Easter! Don’t think that Easter is a time you have to fall off the wagon if you’re trying to stay healthy, try adding more salads into your Easter meals to help balance out all the chocolate eating! Food is all about nourishment and celebration, Easter is a time when we can enjoy the celebration side of sweet things. Enjoy the extra chocolately treats, it only happens once a year! And let’s face it… there is some very good chocolate out there – if you haven’t done it already, try raw chocolate. Found in most health food stores!

Throughout this series “LOLA’S MATES” I’ll be cooking and chatting to people who inspire me, and mum is one inspiring lady! She’s always been into health and would send me to school with a health pack consisting of dried apricots and almonds. Sometime’s even her own spirulina protein balls! Mum shows us her Quinoa salad recipe… and for those who haven’t made quinoa, how to cook it!




1 cup mixed quinoa (red white and black)
10 basil leaves, torn
6 kumatoes (or cherry tomatoes), quartered
1 handful of baby spinach
1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar
3 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon toasted pine nuts
ginger, grated
sea salt and freshly ground pepper

Cook quinoa just like you’d cook rice. So it’s one cup of quinoa to two cups of water and bring to the boil. Will get to 3 times its size and you’ll see little tails pop off. Toss with the olive oil and cool to room temperature. Toss quinoa with the rest of the ingredients, adding salt and pepper to taste. Makes 2 meal serving, or 4-5 side servings. Scale as desired. Serve at room temperature or cold. Enjoy!