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Homemade Organic Berry Jam


Homemade Organic Berry Jam

Every Christmas Mum and I go berry picking and make berry jam for Christmas pressies! So much fun… it’s hard not to eat the berries before they go into the pot!

3kgs of Berries
2kgs Panela / Rapadura sugar (unrefined sugar)
4 Tablespoons of Lemon Juice

Wash berries, place Rapadura in bowl and place in oven on low heat to warm for later. Place berries in a big pot. Add lemon juice. Put stove on a medium to high heat and start to warm the berries.

Place Rapadura in pot and mix through with berries. Sterilize jars by placing in oven. Put pot on high towards end of the cooking process, removing the discharge from the top of the mixture.

To tell when the jam mixture is ready, place a small amount of liquid on a plate and if dribbles down the side of the plate when holding vertically it needs to remain on heat until it gets thicker. Place jam in the now-sterilized jars and let cool. Spread on organic sourdough toast. Also a great pressie idea!

Watch us make berry jam here: