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A Healthy Breakfast!

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1. Why is brekkie so important?

  • It kick starts our whole body, our metabolism, it’s important for moods and brain health
  • If you start the day with no brekkie or just a pice of toast with jam you’re not setting yourself up for a productive day
  • Helps you lose weight
  • Makes you smarter
  • Makes you happier (it naturally stimulates serotonin production in the brain, and that’s the happy hormone)
  • You’ll look great if your brekkie is a healthy one, you’ll feel great, have sustained energy and great skin!

2. Breakfast Ideas:

Trim brekkie:

  • Go for complete protein to keep you sustained for longer periods of time
  • Poached eggs, spinach, mushrooms is a great way to start the day
  • Keep the bread out if you’re wanting to drop weight

Post-exercise brekkie:

  • -Straight after a workout your metabolism is burning everything off at a much higher rate which is why the body want protein and carbs
  • A great time to eat something that you love that’s natural a great source of carb and protein
  • Blueberry and banana buckwheat pancakes

Eating out for breakfast:

  • Go for eggs, that way your giving your body protein to keen you sustained for hours and this will prevent you snacking
  • Omelette’s a great option
  • Always order a side of greens for a nutritional hit
  • Don’t be afraid of ordering a lunch menu item for brekkie like a salmon and quinoa salad. that way you’re getting that complete protein in first thing

Breakfast in a hurry?

  • Lets face it, we’re all in a rush!
  • Smoothies are great when you don’t have time – whack ingredients in and press a button!
  • My fav combo: frozen banana, blueberries, handful of baby spinach (yes it makes it green but it actually tastes great), almond milk and honey
  • Oats with banana, cinnamon and any nut milk, use maple syrup to sweeten (less fructose than honey and loads of mineral the body thrives off)
  • Try making bircher at the start of the week (it’s basically soaked muesli in fruit juice), then you fold through yoghurt and grated an apple
  • Quinoa porridge is a goodie, i love it with figs, coconut milk and nutmeg!

Brain booster brekkie!

  • This is a great brekkie to keep you firing, great for before school too!
  • Rolled oats (b vitamins to bring stress levels down), banana (slow release energy), blueberries (glucose for brain power), LSA (omega 3 for brain function)

3. What to steer-clear of:

  • Fresh is best, so even with muesli try making your own
  • Watch out for pre-packed cereals, they are jam-packed full of sugar and surprisingly even salt!
  • Same goes for muesli bars, loads of people have them for brekkie as they’re running out the door, these guys are just giving you an unbalanced carb hit first thing in the morning. If you love muesli bars try making your own!

4. Home made muesli – walk in the park:

Make in a big batch, so you’ve always got some on hand.
Base or organic rolled oats, with pepitas, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, macadamia nuts, shredded coconut, cinnamon.
This keeps in an air-tight container for yonks!
Pour a cup into a bowl, added fresh berries and serve with almond milk!
What are your breakkie tips!!? Leave your comment below! Best comment will win a digital copy of Inspiring Ingredients.