nov 31



I’ll be the first to admit that I’m pretty addicted to exercise (in fact it’s probably boarder-line obsessive!). There’s a reason for that though. When we exercise we release endorphins, which make us feel happy, so you can become addicted to the euphoric feeling you get during and after exercise!

When it comes to choosing the exercise for your body, find out what suits your lifestyle. Personally, I love boxing and running marathons, but some of my mates think I’m crazy! They prefer to walk and take yoga classes. It’s all about figuring out what makes you feel best. A great tip is to mix you exercise plan up to prevent it becoming dull and repetitive. Make it a social occasion with your friends to spur you along and you’ll end up inspiring each other to work harder!

If you haven’t exercised too much in the past, then why not start right now? It can be as simple as starting the day with a nice stretch or even a 10-minute walk. This will stimulate your metabolism, your circulatory system, and your organs of elimination.

Set a goal and stick to it. One of my motto’s is: ‘if you can dream it you can do it’! If you fall off the horse, jump back on. Exercise really does work and is a ripper way to start the day!