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Can Food Change Your Mood?

Mood Foods

Listen to Lola Berry talk about Mood Foods on 3AW’s The Weekend Break Part 1 – Mood Foods (3AW)

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Part 2 – Mood Foods (3AW)
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Watch a snippet of Lola in studio below!
Scroll further to watch Lola’s first ever online video also about Mood Foods!

 When You’re Stressed..

– Magnesium relaxes the brain when you’re stressed
– High food sources of magnesium are dark green leafies (the darker the green the more magnesium), raw nuts and seeds, whole grains
– Protein: as this feeds all our important neurochemical pathways, when these guys are in check you’ll be able to handle stress better, best food sources of protein are red meat, chicken, turkey, fish and organic eggs

Feel Sluggish / Mentally Foggy?  

– Boost dopamine pathways – this is the neuro chemical in charge of focus, drive, determination
– Blue green algea can boost dopamine
– All meats can boost dopamine levels

How About when Moody / Cranky Irritable?

When you’re cranky, you’re probably dehydrated. Water is the key when it comes to balanced health

When Depressed / Feeling ‘Blue’?

Blueberries to enhance the mood as they can cross the blood brain barrier. they are the perfect quick energy brain food, great to have before an exam or even a few before a work out for the quick hit of fructose